Hints and Tips

Here's a list of useful hint and tips that you could have missed out but will greatly improve your game experience.

Buffing to cap when using Jiao/Tiernan and gold'o'rama

botijinha22: use gold buffs

botijinha22: gold buffs are good for Tiernan and Jiao ;)

botijinha22: they work "better"

Hard level caps

The game has a built int hard level cap depending on your max dps. It means that you'll reach a specific boss that is unbeatable, no matter how buff or firestorms you use. These are the level where you'll meet the unbeatable boss:

You max dpsUnbeatable boss area
e6503355* (can be occasionally beaten with a lucky projectile crit)
e8704495 (to be confirmed)
e8804545 (to be confirmed)
e8904600 (to be confirmed)
e9004650 (to be confirmed)
e9104705 (to be confirmed)
e9204755 (to be confirmed)
e9304806 (to be confirmed)
e9404855 (to be confirmed)
e9504910 (to be confirmed)
e9604960 (to be confirmed)
e9705015 (to be confirmed)
e9805065 (to be confirmed)
e9905115 (to be confirmed)
e10005170 (to be confirmed)
e10105220 (to be confirmed)
e10205270 (to be confirmed)
e10405375 (to be confirmed)
e12506513 (to be confirmed)
A little side note. Actually there's a way to beat the unbeatable boss, it's with Thoonoose snap, because you are able to beat boss minions. This will allow you to advance two more levels since from the third level after the unbeatable boss also the minions will be unkillable.
Old levels:
e625: 3225
e675: 3485
e725: 3745
e775: 4000

Lock levelling on web

You know that to level up your crusader for more than one level you have to press shift for 10 levels, ctrl+shift for 25 levels and ctrl for 100 levels. If you want to lock that advancement, just select your desidered progression and click outside the gamewindow. From now on you have no more to select your desidered progression. Very useful!

Use buff to have more gold

The gold you get while you're online from killing monsters depends only on the level you're in and your gold bonus. But the gold you get from missions, chests, warps or when you're offline depends on your instant DPS and your gold bonus. Pay attention that buff cards don't raise your offline gold, only your online one. But critic buffs do count towards offline bonus from passive crits, so before using something that will give you gold, remember to use a magnified savage strike and use the warp or open the chest immediately after. You'll get much more gold!

Some math about the question: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/12051-crusaders-of-the-lost-idols/topics/539305-mechanisms-for-gold-received-from-the-chests

Deep Idol Scavenger talent bonus

Deep Idol Scavanger is not a stepped objective as the description could lead you to think. If you are for example at level 11 you'll get 22% per 100 areas. It doesn't mean you'll get 22% from area 100 to 199, 44% from area 200 to 299, but you get a continous bonus. So, if you are at area 344 you'll get 344*22/100=75.68% idols more.

Skill type by shape

One thing that no one tells you is that you can know the type of a skill crusader have, just looking the shape around it on the skill bar: a round shape means a skill that affect self, a triangle shape means a skill that unlocks an ability, a 45° inclined square means a formation skill (those called Formation Abilities or FA) that are the skills that Mindy can mimic.

Timed objectives hint

On the objectives that needs a maximum time to reach a specific area, you have to hurry. Obviously you have to be active and instakill till the end, but here other few tips to better reach the score:

  1. Turn low quality mode on in settings: in this way you'll collect money and area object faster
  2. Always pick with the mouse area objects
  3. Keep the formation as tight as possible: the browser uses a lot of resources to calculate all formation buff so if you can keep your formation made by only a single crusader till you instakill, you'll move faster
  4. Use the right arrow on the keyboard to move to next area as soon as the current one is completed, the game waits 1/2 seconds to change it automatically

Revive formation!

Where you are in an objective that kills crusaders after tot time (Video Game of Thrones, ACME Dark Souls....) you can use the double click trick. Save your formation on one of the 3 slots you have (do not care if your crusaders are dead or not, formation is saved anyway) and then double click the load formation button (or press two times the correspondent key on the keyboard) and they all will come back to life. It will not work if you're tanking as load formation won't work.
Edit: this trick is not working anymore

Pushing tricks

Here there is a very interesting discussion on kong forum about the numerous ways to push to complete an objective:

Steam larger view (only for steam version)

With the steam version, you can make it fullscreen so you can see off the normal play area, meaning you can see enemies before they reach your kill line, and while DPS does not affect them yet, they are still vulnerable to click damage. Yes its not easy to click them, but you can get more kills faster this way, and thus progress faster, using the arrow and manual pickup.