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Here you can report the issues you found on the site or send your suggestions on how to improve the fansite.

This is the accepted TO DO LIST that came out from issue list. If you find your issue here, please do not submit a new one regarding the same subject. The issue in this list have been put in list and will be done sooner or later. If you are logged in you can upvote or downvote any item in to do list. You can upvote or downvote any item just once, but you can change your choice. Your choice is highlight with an orange colored button. This has been made in order to keep the issue list clean. Thanks.


  1. Talents calculator is very perfectible. I know it has many errors but it's hard to be fixed. Probably will be better to rework it from scratch. It will be done one day or another. If you want to work it out, contact me. thanks
  2. For each event crusader add in which event they appear
  3. Raise the "next objective quicklist" to 8 instead of 5
  4. In gear page add an option to see all gears of a crusader with a craftable recipe and not only the craftable one
  5. Possibility to mark Crusaders as in formation (from import or manual overwritten) so to be shown different (grayed and not selectable) in mission and on Crusaders stats, like EP missing on crusaders to reach 100 EP: 242 (3 crusaders of which 2 are in formation)
  6. Achievements: they are a real mess in the code. The page is automatically made from the code but many description are missing. A manual rework has to be done. If someone wants to help, please contact me

Feature what WILL NOT be done. Do not ask anymore about them, thanks.

  1. Formation history. It's not available in game, so it's a "submitted formations history". If you change formation 4 times but you update data on fansite only after the 4th, just the last one is saved. (Was on TO DO list for long and got 8 upvotes, 21 downvotes)
  2. Rework on idol recommendation. I know they are old, but the work is too much
  3. Formation DPS calculation. Too many things to consider, impossible to replicate the game on this aspect
  4. Reworking of EP table on crusader list, nor after user choice (was on TO DO list, got 31 upvotes, 40 downvotes) nor with a dynamical range as suggested

Issue and suggestions list:

I would like to see a Bring All to Lvl 1 button for those times that an objective or challenge requires so much swapping it would be easier to reclaim all materials at once and then redistribute them from scratch.

Submitted by dummetlhed on 22/07/2018 EDITED: this is since a long time in the TODO list but has a very low priority so I don't know if/when it'll be realized. In the meanwhile you can use WookieeNo1's suggestion and save a list with all L1 so that it'll work the same
Hi, 1. The [xx.xx for 75% threshold] can be removed, now that the collectors penalty finally got removed. 2. I think the number for "Legendaries calculated in power as level of materials spent" is a bit arbitrary. It would be more beneficial to outright state the amount of common crafting materials this number represents(which is the only use I personally have for this). 3. There's a difference in how the owned recipe percentages get calculated in the public an private profiles. Always feels a bit strange to see 99% owned recipes on private but 101% on public. Or is this intentional? And lastly, thanks for all your work on this site! It's much appreciated! :)

Submitted by RoboSandmann on 17/04/2019 1. Right, removed. 2: well you can calculate one multiplying for 250, i think it's ok like this. 3: it's not intentional, there's something strange, i have to check better later
In the Gears and Crafting's page, even if you have a legendary lv 5, it shows the value for the lv 1 of the gear. But in the skills page, there is the good value I have ingame. Is it a bug or too difficult to integrate the augmented values ?

Submitted by Dragon972 on 17/09/2019 I thought a bit about it because i wasn't sure, since that page has been made a while ago. I did that on purpose because that page was meant to be a sort of "wiki" of gears where you can read the basic value of a legendary bonus. It was made so because you cannot set your level there like you can in the other page. Questionable choice you can say, but i think it make sense like this. Maybe i should put a disclaimer on it
I should add updating the Talents manually also refreshes the page after each change. If there isn't a way to turn off the automatic refresh is there at least a way where the page goes back down to where you were so you don't have to be forever scrolling

Submitted by SaturnJune on 20/10/2019 No, i stil have to solve this issue. Please be patient
In the Shared Formation page, maybe add a 'Sort by date', 'Sort by upvotes' and (more work, I know) a filter by crusader? For the last one, something like showing formations wich has [that specific crusader].

Submitted by Dragon972 on 09/04/2020
This isn't actually an issue. I just wanted to give you feedback and say keep doing what you're doing because it's great and appreciated by the player base. :)

Submitted by porphyre on 06/08/2020 Thank you very much, it's appreciated :)
In recommendation page, Can you replace 000s with Million or M, Billion or B, Trillion or T., it will be easier to input values

Submitted by warlak on 23/01/2021
Possible to get saders sorted by tags and runes on runes section? would be easier to see who to give what runes and who to send on some missions as only ep rune-holder.

Submitted by Marshal on 17/02/2021
Hey there ! There is a bug on Tiernan's branch (and it misses the GL too). I have it level 7 so 70s more for Gold-o-Rama but it says on your site 640 seconds

Submitted by Dragon972 on 23/03/2021 Tiernan GE added. As per the effect, it's because it's additive but it's an exception. I don't think it's so important to make an exception just for one gear...
Beary's Golden Legendary Axe is a No. Icon images for skins showing a broken image: Leporidaeic Evolution, Arachnophobia, Traditional Tengu, Green Menace, Graveyard Guardian, Super Katie, Prismic Phoenix, Rat King, Alien Squiggles (also new name Scyphozoa Shapeshifter), Goodly Ghost, Deernan, Double Agent, Gator Queen, Express Train to Hell, The Mischievous, and Queen of Demons.

Submitted by Maikeruu on 09/08/2021 Beary's GE has been fixed. As for skins, it's not easy to collect the images. If you (or any other) are willing to provide them, i can update them.
1. Thanks for the change, that's gonna help quite a bit with rune slotting. In fact, it's already helped me figure out a bit more about what rune options I have available. 2. Some of the 5th rune slot descriptions seem to be invalid (As in the description is code instead) and some seems to be wrong? Take Langley for example. In-game it states Gold Bonus, but yours states ' Increases the effect of My Friend Thomas by 15%' (Which I'd honestly prefer, but what can you do about it...) So, there might be a few things off in there or they may have changed a few of the runes recently. Dunno. -Green

Submitted by greenking13 on 08/09/2021 There were indeed 3 5th slot effects that have been changed since first release. Fansite doesn't automatically look for changes. Now they're fixed. As for the other description not mapped yet is because some are not that easy to track down and need specific coding. I'll fix them all later
Another note: Under the 'Gears and Crafting' it'd be nice if there was an 'Owned' filter as well, I seem to have 93% of all rare recipes for my owned saders, but it's a bit sparse to try and parse through all the unowned saders to find which ones I am missing rares on. (Honestly, at this point, it seems like a lot of my issues boil down to there not being an owned filter. xD) -Green

Submitted by greenking13 on 10/09/2021
Dont know if it would be to much work, but if its not to complicated a dark mode for the website would be nice :)

Submitted by Kumariael on 11/09/2021 If someone is willing to prepare a dark mode css i can gadly apply it :)
Something's funky with the Import function. It might not be accounting for the new T8 talents released, or something like that. I'm importing from the JSON string from in-game, and the past three imports since the update have consistently under-reported my idols. Fansite currently says I have 1.82e19 idols, but in game I have 3.43e19 idols. It's led to some strange bugs in player history where I get "NaN" idols a day since it's *lower* than last import. I'll update this if I see another pattern.

Submitted by KahPLAN on 13/09/2021
my player history is again bit weird: 2021-10-09 10:20:07 1.61E+28 NaNE-9223372036854775808 NaNE-9223372036854775808 and few days before 2021-10-04 20:33:36 4.25E+28 5.64E+27 5.62E+26 and on 16th double what I had on 4th day so some side is bugging, either fanta or cne.

Submitted by Marshal on 20/10/2021 langely with express train to hell skin equipped

Submitted by fireheart76 on 28/11/2021 Making a photo of your screen with your phone it's not the best way to capture a screenshot. By the way i've got myself langley's skin, but there are other missing. The best way is to press the button "stamp" who's normally in the right top of your keyboard. If you want to make it easier you can install lightshot that will improve the effects of pressing the stamp button and can also help with cut&paste and post your image directly online:
Add ability to sort submitted formations. Currently listing order appears to be random.

Submitted by gen2bruin on 11/12/2021 To sort following which criteria? At the moment they're ordered by liking
With the new crusader - Springy - you can get up to 200k materials in a single dungeon sprint. Players will now be willing to invest more in Legendary Hoards talent. It would be a really cool to have an option on the Interactive page to spend all (or given amount of materials) to upgrade whatever is cheapest to upgrade at the moment. Right now you have to click "Upgrade" 500 times and wait for each one to complete

Submitted by tommy on 21/12/2021 I'm not sure to have understood properly. In the interactive page you can level up a gear by any level you like in just one go. Or you mean that you would like to raise all your L that are already over level 1 at once? I think it's not very useful, hardly you really want to level everything.
Seems to be an issue with currency imports into the game, I have 1.79 E19 worth of currency yet only 9.28E18 idols only show up.

Submitted by Warmonger711 on 08/01/2022
Hi Taised, I know you add the special tags of winged and projectile manually, can you please add those to Ana Guinness's Emerald Wyrm skin. There is an objective in the latest round of T5's that needs winged projectile saders and currently the only one showing in that is Katie. Cheers

Submitted by anubischick on 27/01/2022 Actually that was before. Now they've added flavours (those that aren't tags but filter crusaders somehow, like "with wings" or "with gun") to the code. The problem is that in case of Ana she has a flavour on a skin and the fansite can't handle it as it is... i should look for a workaround but it's not that easy. There was another issue for that, i'll include the answer in this since it's more complete
Why arent momma kaine, spaceking and robbie racoon listed under crusaders with projectiles tag?

Submitted by fireheart76 on 11/03/2022 Because there's no such a list. There a list of crusader with projectile skills. Those crusaders have no a skill of this type but they count as crusaders with guns because they have one in the picture

Submitted by taised on 14/03/2022
on the interactive when leveling gear the drop downs will give options that would be higher than level 20 if you have enough materials. Gear was changed to be capped at level 20.

Submitted by ryan92084 on 14/06/2022