News: 10/01/2022

Since now, when you update your data, the max area reached in each tier of dungeon is recorded and shown in the Formations page (under Recommendation). Enjoy!

News: 20/02/2021

I know it's a small thing, but now on talent page your max level of crusader is shown correctly including your magical training bonus and I've added your max sprint level

News: 17/01/2021

Enjoy the new feature of rune upgrade: it's on Runes page. It comes with a new presentation of your own runes, that i found much more clear than the previous and the ingame one. Use it wisely, follow instructions.

News: 11/01/2021

I've updated the fansite with the latest crusader from princess pool party event, Ursula the Busy Bee. I'm not really sure if I keep playing CotLI if I won't be able to play it again in flash, still the fansite will be kept up to date because there's no really need to play the game to update the site. I'm sure you will always be there to advice me if I forgot to update something, which always has happened and always will be!

News: 08/12/2020

In the mission page has been added the support for the skins. This will work only if you are logged and imported your data.

News: 24/10/2020

Lots of changes in last CotLI this week. Fansite will slowly catch up. In the meanwhile i've updated the missions and they should be up to date. I've also updated the 3 dungeons objectives that have changed formations. Doing so i've cancelled the old formations for those objectives, now i'll update the formations so that you can submit the new formations. As soon as i can i'll find a way to show runes.

News: 24/10/2020

I've added a first Rune list page, you can find it in the menu under Crusaders. At the moment there's not the amount of runes you have or you have on your crusaders. It will come early (I hope) but in the meantime you can see all the runes effect without going around on your Crusaders

News: 26/06/2020

Now you can add your formation for the dungeons. The automatic retrieve of them it's still not working, but probably it will work later. Enjoy! EDIT: hey, it works now! :)

News: 10/03/2020

Today the fansite starts to manage skins. It's just a partial release, but it will improved. At the moment skins are visualized in crusaders and gear list. The filter for tags already take in account the possible skins a crusader can have.

Still missing is the automatic recognition of what skin each user has, and which one has active. Also the mission part is completely to be done. Finally, some skin images are missing, you can provide me those missing if you want to help

News: 08/02/2020

I should have inserted all new objective T5 and T4 11th. In the update though something bad happened and i lost some data on objectives areas or rubies. If you see an error, let me know

News: 21/10/2019

Fansite has changed login method. Everyone should be able to log back in, but in case something went wrong and you're not able to login try a password reset or contact me. Thanks

News: 07/10/2019

Fansite is enriched with a new feature: Player History. Since now the fansite will record the idols and materials you have each time you make an update importing your data, both via import feature that with interactive feature. You can then see your progress in the new menu entry you see in Other menu. Enjoy!

News: 28/07/2019

Updated last added MME campaign objectives, including last added crusader, Arenvarr. As usual, for any imprecision insert an issue.

News: 28/05/2019

The fansite is updated including all the recent changes to skills and legendaries effect of some of the original crusaders

News: 27/05/2019

Exciting new feature here on fansite! Now you can share formations with others. Go and submit your preferred formation for regular campaign, events or even challenges. Upvote or downvote others formations and comment on it. Go check now!

News: 05/05/2019

Site is updated! Good and evil tags, Bridget added, GE dates. In anything's missing as usual report.

News: 23/03/2019

Campaign 9 is here! Objective completion, recommendation comments and also formations should be ok! If not, just report.

News: 07/02/2019

Some small updates for today: T4 filter in crusaders and mission, a better info for error on interactive, a small enhancement on chest page and some small bugfix on gears. Track down them all and enjoy!

News: 14/01/2019

First new year news. First of all I apologize for all the server issue so far: hope will be better next day.

Beside all the regular updates a new feature has been added to the player log analysis: your bonus idols amount on Free Plays is now colored in red if it is under average or green if it's over average. Mouse over che number will tell you exactly how good or bad you scored. Hope you like it. Bye!

News: 18/12/2018

Welcome to the new server site!! Let's hope this will solve the issues which blocked the fansite from time to time.

Wrena, the new crusader, is also out. Even if there's something strange and wrong in the code and probably will need a fix soon. As usual report any issue

News: 21/10/2018

New T3 11th objectives and new T3 recruit/gear upgrades missions have been inserted. As usual report any error, thanks

News: 13/10/2018

Fansite is back online! This time there was an error with SSL certificate. It shouldn't happen anymore, at least for a year :)

News: 08/10/2018

New T4 Crusader has been added. Sorry for delay.

News: 22/09/2018

We release today a new wonderful feature: the player log analysis! It will allow users to finally deeply analyze their logs in an easy way. I expect also feedback on how to improve it!

 I'm sorry guys but this function uses a lot of web site resources so it cannot be released free for everyone or the fansite will have to shut down. That's why i've released only for premium users. But hey, the premium feature has a very low cost, maybe it's time to upgrade it.

More info on the premium page

News: 16/08/2018

Despite still on holiday i've tried to update a bit the site. All GE should be up to date, all new 3 Crusaders are in but all without skills. I'll complete the update in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the patience!

News: 14/07/2018

The new ITT T4 objectives have been inserted.

Since in the next month or so i'll be away, it will hard for me to regularly update the fansite. Be patient as everything will be updated in september! Happy holidays everyone!

News: 12/06/2018

Today we launch our new interactive page where you can play around with your Legendary gear in a fast and much easier way. This is the first premium feature we launch on this site. It's open to anyone but with some limitations that you can avoid becoming a premium user of the fansite. More info on the premium page.

About the interactive page, it has been tested by some time and haven't had any problem so far. Still is marked as experimental as there could be some small issue with it, but nothing that should cause you real problems in the game. For any question, don't hesitate to contact me.

News: 08/06/2018

T4 objectives of RP2 are updated. Idols recommendation will be as soon as i'll receive some comments

News: 23/05/2018

Fansite is updated to T5 talents and so should be import feature. I'm sorry but the talent calculator is not, so don't use it as it was correct

News: 05/05/2018

Issue page has been completely revisited. I've added on top of the page a TO DO LIST where all the accepted issue are listed and, once done, cancelled. You can also upvote or downvote a proposed feature. In this way i can work on feature that many person find useful, the issue page is now finally readable and useful beacuse before it was quite a mess. I hope you enjoy it!

News: 05/05/2018

Today is update day! Enjoy the new condensed table that shows crusaders gears on your profile page. I like it very much. Hope you too :)

P.S. If you don't see it properly, with the dashed borders, refresh the page (ctrl+F5) to reload the CSS

News: 27/04/2018

New missions are out! Since they've been added in a automated way, I haven't checked if all of the info are correct. Report any error, thanks

News: 17/12/2017

New T4 objectives for Ghostbeard's Greed are out. You can start to comment.

News: 02/12/2017

The new T3 objectives and recruit/gear upgrade missions have been added. For any error let me know

Also updated statistics for recipe on crusader page, excluding the 2 bonus crusaders and added total recipes owned

News: 16/11/2017

Chef Casey, latest T3 crusader from event, is updated!

News: 21/10/2017

Last 4 11th T2 objectives are up!

News: 07/10/2017

New 11th T2 objs are out, please note that the name is wrong, as it is reported name of T1 obj. Due to how data is handled, change this is quite complicated at the moment.

Also Chiyome has been added

News: 15/09/2017

The two new Crusaders from Sasha'a Schoolhouse Scourge T2 are out

News: 25/08/2017

The two new crusaders from Dr. Evil's Summer Sabotage event are out

News: 23/08/2017

Missing T2 objectives have been added and data is now up to date to the game!

News: 10/08/2017

Here it rains. It rains a lot! And i'm really sad i cannot get out and take a walk. But luckily for you it means that i'm bored and decided to use some time to develop fansite even if i'm still on holiday. So i crafted out a very first and rough version of achievement page.

Since there was no more space on the menu, i've grouped Chest page and Achievement under a new menu, Other.

Many improvement can be done to that page, starting from event mapping (which is, as you may have understood, not so easy). But another time

Ah, and don't hope it will continue to rain here: i may become very upset and who knows what could happen!

News: 06/08/2017

For all who have reported it: Problems with import of objectives, formations, max area reached, gears and all related issues should be solved now.

Be patient, i'm on holiday and i'm not able to follow all the issues, just updating the basic info to keep the site alive. Development and serious bug fixes will start again (hopefully) in september! Happy holidays to you all :)

News: 04/08/2017

Added the new crusaders and the new GE gears. Enjoy!

News: 29/07/2017

Fansite has been updated to new T4 objectives and talent. Everything should work, comments, mark completed, filters.

News: 13/07/2017

New T2 crusaders from game of Thrones are up on the fansite. Enjoy!

News: 22/06/2017

The new T2 event crusaders from Alien Invasion Day are out. Unfortunately, the game data is now so big that my website is no more capable to handle it. I should rework some features (like chests) and make that work again. Sorry for the inconvenient...

News: 10/06/2017

A long due little review to issue page. Now you have your own issues at top of the page and a reminder on menu that tells if you an issue you submitted has got an answer. You are also able to mark as seen your issue that have been an answer and archive them. Archive now, since it's becoming long, has hidden by default, you have to push the button at bottom of the page to show it.
The problem now is that you have to mark as seen all the previous entry you submitted till now, but it's just once :D

News: 08/06/2017

Talents page have been changed, now the layout recalls the one of the talent page you see ingame. Hope you like the change. Also talents you've maxed out now are in gray.

Moreover there was a problem with formation import, now solved.

News: 31/05/2017

T4 talents are updated! Import also work successfully. All Legendary item description who changed description (not all of them did) have been updated, in others just the effect and not the description has been changed. For any error as usual report me.

News: 29/05/2017

Finally since now on importing data will also import your objective completion!

News: 18/05/2017

The two new crusaders from The Hidden Temple event are inserted in the fansite, complete with skills and gears. A couple info has to be checked, but they should be overall correct.

News: 16/05/2017

Finally our talent page is becoming alive! Now a gain calculated for your situation based on data you input is shown for some talents. Also the background of the cell will show you in green variations which is the most convenient talent. If you go with your mouse over the cell it will show you the exact number. And now you can also set your idol level and play around with that feature.

News: 05/05/2017

This feature will make you jump off your chair! Now on the recommendation page you can see all your saved formations! If you don't see anything, just import again your data. If visualization is weird, refresh the page since you have to reload css. For this feature we have to thank Carlianos, who created the code for visualizing and storing the date and parsed out all the formation, beside having the idea. Thanks guys, you're Awesome!

News: 04/05/2017

I think all of us have received a special JC that we decided to save for later because we hadn't all the crusaders that had gears in it. But after few weeks we weren't able to remember which where those crusaders and finding this info is impossible from the game because there's no popup nor name on a chest image. Seems familiar? Well, now you can see the name and description of the chest you have in our Chests page. Enjoy!

News: 02/05/2017

Some juicy news: new data will be collected since your next import:

  1. The exact date/time of your first legendary craft (shown on gear page)

  2. The current cost (decimal!) of your next legendary craft (shown on gear page)

  3. The max area you reached in each campaign (shown on recommendation page)


News: 01/05/2017

Spaceking and Grandmora added. Sorry for the delay, i was out.

News: 20/04/2017

Missions has been updated to latest T2 recruitement and gear upgrade. Enjoy

And now you can manually update your recipes in the crusaders list page.

News: 16/04/2017

Enjoy out new spoiler section! For now it's just a draft, maybe will be upgraded in a near future.

Edit: devs asked me to close this feature. Sorry.

News: 12/04/2017

Since now the import function will keep track also of your trinkets: they'll be shown on the talent page and on your profile (if you decide to share it).

You could notice some other info on the talent page, you can start fill them down and they'll be used in a near future to calculate what's best to spend your idols on.

Also now fansite is in https, report any possible problem.

News: 07/04/2017

Two new T2 crusaders from Nate's candy conundrum event are here: Baenarall and Sisaron

News: 05/04/2017

Since now on you can share your profile (crusaders, recipes, gears and talents) with other user. To do so first you have to go in the user page (clicking on the icon with your name on the top right corner once logged). There you can change your display name. The display name WON'T change your login name, just the name you'll see on the top right corner and the name other will see you. You can also decide to make your profile public so that anyone can see it but selecting the appropriate checkbox. By default your profile is private, so if you don't do anything, it will remain invisible.

Make your profile public and share with the world! Here's mine:

News: 01/04/2017

Now page for talents is added. They're collected automatically from your json data. At the moment is just a very simple feature, it will be expanded later. Thanks to dorfmatratze for the collaboration.

News: 26/03/2017

Arachnobuddy and Foresight added. I'm unsure if adding the superhero tag, since there is an objective in this event that requires him but it is not shown in game.

News: 24/03/2017

Now the import function import also your idols, gears and also recipes. The old page "gears" has been renamed "gears and crafting" since there you can also see the recipes you have and what you can craft!

This feature has been done also thanks to the contributions of dorfmatratze. Thanks to him!


News: 22/03/2017

Finally the first import function is now live on the fansite! At the moment it only import ownership and EP from the json game data. If you don't know how to get that data, ask me on kong.

Next steps will be gears, talents, idols... oh my god. So many steps to take :D

Moreover, a little update on html side, i've put a tag data-hero-id on each row with a crusader because "it enables clients to write their own automation to get data into your site, or interact with it programatically"

News: 06/03/2017

The two new T2 crusaders from Hermit's premature party event are updated. Moreover new filters for legendary effetcs are available on the gear list. Enjoy!

News: 03/03/2017

Today some small improvement went out: now you can sort crusaders in the list also by name. In the gear list, if you're logged, you can see which legendaries you have and which one you can craft. Moreover now you can filter for those two categorie. Soon will be added filters for different type of skills.

News: 01/03/2017

Since i know anyone of you is struggling, here i am to announce a big update that went live a little bit earlier than due, but it is time now.

First of all there is a new page where you can check all together all the gears of all the crusaders with also their legendary effect (or at least those already mapped, other will be added in next day).

But the real big update is the one tha now allows you to check the skills of your crusader. Moreover you can filter them in order to quickly understand which crusader you need if you want to focus on a specific aspect, let's say, gold bonus.

If you're logged in, the bonus that some gear can give to a specific skill is counted and showed beside the main value.

I expect that a lot of errors will be live in this version as the most complex thing was to categorize the skills in order that they can be treated automatically. Some skills are easy to treat, but sometimes the choice is difficult. For example, leerion has 2 skills that enhance his gold find ability. The basic ability (golden touch) is obviously a gold ability, but that two ability that adds a value to gold touch are categorized as "selfSkill" or, in other words, a skill that enhance somewhat another skill. This means that, when you filter gold skill, you expect those two to be treated as gold skill even if they are not. This can be obvious, but can lead to many errors while programming it.

So please check and report any error or possible improvement here. I expect comments like:

  • this ability is a formation one, not a self one
  • when i apply this filter this ability is not shown while it should (and opposite)
  • i'd like a filter that works like this

Next step is the calculation of DPS per crusader, so that you can easily check which is your dps, or which one gives you highest gold bonus.

Final step will obviously be the possibility to put this crusader on a real formation and calculate the formation bonus considering the positioning effects. This will be, as you can imagine, even harder than it was this first step, but will be hopefully done once this step is completed.

Also not all the crusader have their ability mapped yet. They'll be done in next days, along with legendaries. Be patient.


previously released:

You can now keep track of your legendary items. Sorry, not all the legendary effects are in: it will take some time to update them all, but you can set them and when the effect will be inserted it will be automatically updated. Also please note error/missing effects in the kong thread or using issue system. The layout is a bit messy, i have to find a workaround for this, sorry again, there's so much work in these days :)

News: 28/02/2017

All the missions are up to date as for the crafting update. Enjoy!

Still working on legendaries, there will be an update as soon as possible

News: 17/02/2017

I've inserted those crafting missions that are in game data. Pay attention that for sure they will not definitive and for sure they'll be modified, but at least they can give us an idea of what we're going to have.

News: 14/02/2017

Some small features today:

  • A new filter is available if you select an EP mission that allows you to order crusader by the gain they'd get for doing an EP mission
  • All new crusaders from Mercy's mix-up event are now fully updated

News: 09/02/2017

Today some new feature goes live:

  • First of all we have a brand new statistics page. Check it out and suggest your own stat to be added
  • On GE list page the release date has been added and now you can sort table by this date
  • Also on missions page you can filter uneseful missions (for gear and recruit)
  • The new GE for Sally has been added as for Merci's Mix-Up event
  • New crusaders will be added as soon as enough info about them will be known

News: 30/01/2017

Latest features:

  • Now when you fail the login you'll be reported an error. If you login from an internal page you're no logger brought to the home but remain on the choosed page
  • Cindy's gear been updated

News: 28/01/2017

Starting keeping track of updates on the site. Latest features:

  • Exporting crusaders as array for external mission calculator now works
  • Added a list of all Golden Epic gears in game. Can be accessed to logged in user from the statistics in the crusaders page or with this direct link
  • Inserted the 2 new tier 2 crusaders from Carnage Cup event. Cindy's gear still to be updated
  • This is first news, previous features where reported in the kong discussion